Friday, 29 April 2011

Things I think are beautiful lately

Lotsa really good inspiration lately. Here goes:

I've been looking for a way to spruce up a boring white lampshade...this subtle zebra print is just the ticket.

Good way to add architectural interest to a builder-box room: buy a fireplace mantle

Goooooorgeous :)

I think that black/white striped accent wall is so chic

MDF board + chalkboard paint = electrical box disguise

Small room, interesting furniture. I like the console table behind the chairs--it's interesting, and eliminates the need for side tables

Love me some Moroccan wedding blankets, but I think this one looks a little funny on the wall. I'm really in it for the white couch + interesting pillows and art

This is a fairly neutral space (designed for Molly Sims!) but it's interesting because of all the great textures....spots, stripes, sequins, interesting artwork and coffee/accent tables...yummy.

Aaaaand here's pretty much the opposite of that last room. Explosion of textures, pillows, a great inspiration board, great colors!

Nate Berkus, obviously. Beautiful.

I love me some boho glam! And is that tray inset into the tufted leather coffee table? Functional and pretty :)

Had to post this. Wouldn't it be great in one of the above rooms? I'm a bit obssessed...

I love this idea....blow up a meaningful letter, postcard, envelope, etc

Why did they cover up the window? I don't know. But I love the rest of it so much I just don't care.

And that's a peak into my brain for the day!

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