Friday, 5 July 2013

What I'm Wearing Weekly: June 29-July 6

Happy fifth of July everyone! Did you enjoy your holiday? My boy and I had gone hiking and camped overnight on the third with our puppy at the top of a local mountain peak and got to see fireworks from all over the Salt Lake valley.

Unfortunately, the trade-off was that we got caught in an unexpected thunderstorm--as in, right in the effing middle of it. Terrifying. Our puppy was much less fazed than I, thankfully! Our tent leaked (joyous), so after a sleepless night we headed home early and spent our fourth recuperating with lots of movies, 30 Rock reruns, and Greek food. It was pretty great, actually!

Here's what I wore this week. For other editions of WIWW, please click here,  here,  here, herehere and here :)

What I'm Wearing Weekly: June 29-July 5

What I'm Wearing Weekly: June 29-July 5 by mjchirpich-1 featuring petite dresses

Here's hoping you have a fantastic weekend!

Truth in blogging: In these boards I try to use the exact items I own, but if those items aren't available I've replaced them with visually similar items. This week, I actually own: Saturday's entire outfit, Monday's necklace and shoes, Tuesday's shoes, Wednesday's skirt and shoes, Thursday's entire 'outfit' if you call it that (ha), and Friday's dress and shoes. 

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