Monday, 1 July 2013

Revised Living Room Moodboard: Product Specs!

As is common in decorating for more than one person, I ran my last living room ideas past my boyfriend and got a tentative thumbs up. He didn't like the citron, but approved mostly everything else. So in an effort to temper the acidic jolt from the neon green, I've toned down the hue of the green pillows and added some aqua:

Living room ideas

Points to consider:

  • I recently discovered a great website, The Design Confidential, that has tonnnnns of free building plans to create pieces similar to what you see in stores. I've always thought this west elm coffee table with cushion was a great idea but didn't particularly like the looks of their version. So this weekend, my man and I picked up the goods to create our own
  • I've had my eye on that west elm buffet for months now. There's a local discount furniture store that frequently stocks scratch-and-dent west elm pieces, so I'm hoping I'll get lucky! In the meantime, I'm trolling KSL (local classifieds) and Craigslist for a buffet I can paint white with wood accents to serve as a media/TV console. Alternatively, I could use these plans to craft it myself--depending on how well the coffee table turns out!
  • I ordered some of this dark grey fabric and am nervously awaiting its arrival--there wasn't an option to order a swatch, so I'm hoping the computer image is true to color and it's thick enough for upholstery! I plan to get our custom slipcover made out of it, and when it's all done it should look similar to the sofa pictured.
  • I'm also keeping my eye out for cheap loveseats or extra-wide chairs on Craigslist with the idea that we'd slipcover it in the same grey fabric as the sofa (assuming the custom slipcover works as well as I'm hoping!). Then we'd have a matched-but-not-too-matchy set.
  • I want to do some pattern mixing with fun, bright-colored pillows, as shown.
  • I'd like to DIY a striped rug, like I said in my last post, although I may have to rethink this since the rug shown above is not my boyfriend's favorite.
  • I own a lamp similar (but way more amazing!) than the one shown, and I spray-painted a thrift-store vase so it looks almost identical to the black Dwell Studio one shown.
  • Not sure where I want to go with the curtains...any ideas?
Plans are coming along! Anything you particularly like in this moodboard? Anything you'd change?

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