Wednesday, 31 July 2013

One Item FIVE ways: Leather Crop Top

Admit it. How many of you read the title of this post and were like, no way in HELL can someone come up with five ways to wear a leather crop top. Well my friends, not only have I found 5 ways, I think I can make a strong argument that this could be a nontraditional staple in your closet, like my green leather skirt!

Here goes:

Leather crop top: 5 Ways

Going clockwise from the top:
12:00 Position: I started things off with a bit of an unusual outfit. How many times in grad school did I want to just show up in my pajamas and still be socially acceptable?? Answer: Every. Damn. Day. This outfit provides a solution to that, by combining some lazy-girl staples (flannel shirt, sweatpants, and chucks) with a funky backpack and the crop top to pull it all together. This shirt is zipped up in back, so depending on how it's cut it could be cute worn backwards and unzipped, like a bolero!

2:00: If I had a bachelorette and all these items in my closet, I'd love to rock this! The Target skirt has been on my wishlist forever, and I think that since it sits higher on the waist it would be cute to show just a slim band of skin between the skirt and top. This top practically calls for funky, over the top jewelry, and I think this necklace suits that bill perfectly!

4:00: I call this outfit the Blogger Cliche: chambray shirt, white skinnies, leopard shoes, green accents and a bit of leather mixed in. There's a reason cliches are cliches though--I think this is super cute!

8:00: This outfit could make a great transitional outfit from work to after-hours drinks with a friend. At work I'd probably tone down the shoes a bit and wear just simple pointed black heels, then remove the watch for after-hours and add a cute clutch!

10:00: The first thing that came to mind when I spotted the crop top is that it would be the perfect touch to toughen up a girly, lacey dress. So that's what I've done! I'd wear this to a more formal party or a wedding. Check out the bling on that BaubleBar necklace!!

I also think these would be cute paired with wide-leg culottes or pants! Although my last One Item X Ways post didn't result in me keeping the item featured, I just may have to add this fun, versatile crop top to my closet soon...

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