Friday, 28 June 2013

What I'm Wearing Weekly: June 22-28

Welp, here we are at the end of another week. This was a long frustrating week for me and I'm glad it's over! Do you guys have any fun plans?

Here's what I wore this week. For other editions of WIWW, please click here,  here, herehere and here :)

What I'm Wearing Weekly: June 22-28

Outfits were a bit boring this week, not going to lie. My favorite thing is the fuschia shift I bought 40% off at the Loft last weekend--this picture doesn't do it justice, and it's about the most comfortable dress I own. To see someone who wore it much, much better than I, pop over and check out Kendi's outfit (posted the same day I wore it, no less!), which singlehandedly drove me down the dark tunnels of the internet in search of the perfect minty blue heels and earrings. I think that color is flattering on just about everyone, and it makes you feel so happy :)

Truth in blogging: In these boards I try to use the exact items I own, but if those items aren't available I've replaced them with visually similar items. This week, I actually own: Monday's dress and shoes, Tuesday's dress, Wednesday's entire outfit, Thursday's shoes, and Friday's shoes. Saturday not pictured this week because I just wore workout clothes to go rock climbing, and that's boring to look at :)

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