Thursday, 16 May 2013

What I'm Wearing Weekly: May 12-17

I'm a fan of style blogs and street style images to help jumpstart my creativity with my own wardrobe. But sometimes, I look at what style bloggers are posting and just think, WHERE could they possibly be wearing that?!

Case in point: 

Blazer, distressed boyfriend jeans, heels, grey tee, fancy statement necklace. I actually really like this outfit, so I'm not trying to dog on the style--but where in the world would one wear it? Not at my work, and it's too dressy to take in a game and too uncomfortable to run errands in. No. Not happening.

I get that a lot of style bloggers work in the creative field where more casual/creative dressing is perfectly acceptable...but a lot of us don't work in a similar environment and yet we still want to dress cute and creatively.

Sooooo for anyone who works in a work environment like mine, I've decided to start posting what I wear on a regular basis*. I work in a hospital, where matching pant suits are not the norm, nor are jeans or Tshirts. Most of my female coworkers wear dress skirts or pants and a nice top, or simple dresses. Most of my male coworkers where slacks and a dress shirt, with or without a tie.

The goals of posting my outfits are 3-fold and mostly selfish: 1) To give readers a closer glimpse at my own style, because I always like to read blogs where you get a sense of who the author is; 2) to provide some outfit ideas for those of us that work in a slightly more restrictive environment than many style bloggers; and 3) to give me a working library of outfits I've worn, so that on those mornings when nottttttthhhhhing is working, I can just pull up one of these posts and recreate a look that's worked for me in the past. Lazylazylazy!

Here's what I put together this week:

What I'm Wearing Weekly: May 12

Another thing that is sometimes frustrating when reading style blogs is how many times you see "c/o," meaning that the item was gifted. Most of us don't have that blessed side-effect of our jobs, so we tend to work with a set wardrobe that needs to be remixed to get the best use. I think it will be interesting for me to see which items I wear the most and least, and to challenge myself not to repeat outfits just because I'm lazy.

What's your favorite outfit this week?

*Confession: I don't actually own all of the exact items on this board, but I own most of them and have found items that look similar to those that I have that are no longer available. This week, I actually own the following exact items shown: Monday's dress and boots, Tuesday's chambray shirt, Wednesday's dress (I've removed the ruffle) and heels, Thursday's shoes and skirt, and Friday's tank, pencil skirt, and heels.

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