Monday, 29 July 2013

Feel-Good, Go-To Summer Outfits for Play

'Ello loves! How was your weekend? Time flies and I feel like I could use another Sunday (or two) before coming back to work, but I have a vacation to look forward to starting Friday so hopefully the week speeds by!

Last week I shared some of my standard-but-not-boring outfits for work, so it only seems appropriate that I share my standbys for play too!

Before I started putting this together, I never really thought about how many more scenarios you have to dress for outside of work than at work. At my job, pencil skirts and a nice top are standard, although I can get away with being a little more casual sometimes. Outside of work, you have to create outfits for running errands, going out for drinks, going to concerts, walking the dog, dinner dates, girls' hopefully I've provided some options for each of those scenarios!

Feel-Good Go-To Summer Play Outfits

Top Left: I actually wore a nearly identical outfit a couple weeks ago (minus the awesome shark tooth necklace...tear..) when it was too hot to move much less load up on any type of layers. Floaty cotton or chiffon dresses are such a summer staple, and I think they look best when accessorized minimally and finished off with simple leather sandals.

Top Right: I've worn a similar outfit (minus the pretty earrings--looks like my jewelry closet needs an upgrade!) running errands or to a relaxed dinner at a friend's house. Add boots and take away the hat and you have a great winter option too.

Middle Left: Like I said the other day, I'm basically obsessed with this skirt. I'd wear this outfit out bar-hopping--flats mandatory if you're combining lots of walking + booze! I've also had those green earrings and ring on my wishlist forever--now if only they'd go on sale!!

Middle Right: I wore this exact outfit (again...minus the earrings...SAD) the other night when I went out for dinner and drinks with the girls. The little booties were a fun addition to the outfit, but it's super summer-appropriate with the white shorts and flimsy patterned top.

Bottom Left: I'm also obsessed with my grey Minnesota tee--it's perfectly soft and flattering. I like tucking the front into a pair of comfy bootcuts, adding some bling with a pretty necklace (the one shown is at the tippity-top of my shopping list) and earrings, and finishing it all off with cute wedges. I swear, wedges can be just as comfortable as sneakers and look so. much. cuter.

Bottom Right: I attend a lot of summer concerts and wear endless variations on this outfit: comfy tee, shorts, wedges, simple earrings, and a jacket for when the sun goes down. Aviators are a must!

What are your go-to outfits for having fun?

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