Tuesday, 30 July 2013

One Item Four Ways: Maxi Dress

It happened again. I was innocently perusing Pinterest when I stumbled upon a dress that I had to purchase right now yesterday. I love the neckline, and the colors are so pretty--it is named the "Sunset Maxi Dress" for a reason!

As always with my wardrobe purchases, I debated for a bit whether to buy it. Once I started plotting a "One Item Four Ways" blog post in my brain, I knew I had to pull the trigger (as evidenced with my green leather skirt, black drop-waist dress, and peach floaty dress, this is often a great measure of items I'm going to love, since I wear those purchases connnnstantly!).

Since summer is rapidly approaching its end (tear!), I decided to show this dress for work and play, but also to present some summer and winter styling options. 

Pixie Market Sunset Maxi Dress: Work/Play, Summer/Winter

Summer Work Outfit: Although this dress is overall blue, I like to play up the accent colors of corals, reds, and tans. Those heels are a perfect goes-with-everything greige, and I love colored blazers for adding a pop of color to basics!

Winter Work Outfit: Is it just me, or do others feel the urge to toughen up their wardrobe once the cold hits? With an outfit like this, you could do battle against the weather. I love how the gold spikes of the earrings are picked up in the hour markers on the watch.

Summer Play Outfit: I'd rock this outfit at a breezy summer wedding. The bracelet makes me smile because it has two little infinity signs--a great way signal your best wishes to the new couple, for sure!

Winter Play Outfit: I love winter dressing because you get to layer layer layer. This cream sweater is cozy and still lets the dress fabric peek through. Top it off with a chunky ring, raw diamond hoop earrings, and my new favorite boots, and you've got a dream winter outfit in my book!

How would you wear this dress?

In the spirit of full disclosure, after writing this post I did receive the dress yesterday and don't plan to keep it. It was a bit small in the waist and the chiffon print looked a little cheaper than I would expect for the price point. It's still a really pretty dress though, and I think the outfits above can be applied to any print maxi dress!

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