Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Summer Beauty Regimen plus mini-reviews!

I realized after this post on Stark's facial oil that I haven't provided a beauty regimen update in a while. I have a system that I'm really liking right now, so I thought I'd share it. Read closely for mini-reviews on W3ll People's Universalist 2 and Devita's Cocoa and Cappuccino Masque!

For reference:
Face: dry skin but prone to breakouts. Pale, burns easily then tans. Pretty neutral skintone with slight tendency toward blue undertones.
Hair: Blonde, fine but lots of it, prone to greasiness/limpness with the wrong products, not frizzy or easily tangled, dries pretty straight and holds curl (via curling iron/flat iron) well.
Body: Dry skin, no problems with eczema, rosacea, etc.

Summer 2013 Natural Beauty Regimen


  • Andalou Naturals toner: although I don't necessarily think this toner is doing anything (good or bad) for my skin, I am still using the last bottle I bought in the winter. When it's up, I will either buy a different toner or just spritz with water (I only really use it to get my skin damp enough to make the other products work better).
  • Mad Hippie Vitamin C Serum: As I've said in the past, I like how this serum applies. It absorbs quickly and feels nice and cool in the summer. I think it's been helpful but can't really say for sure. I'll use up the bottle and see if I miss it once it's gone!
  • Stark Skincare Cypress Purity and Defense Oil: As stated recently, I'm in love with this oil and will continue to repurchase until she stops making it or I stop seeing such great results in my skin.
  • Devita Solar Protect Moisturizer: like most natural beauty bloggers, I'm a fan of this moisturizer--I've already run out once and will continue to repurchase. My boyfriend likes this better than my old BurnOut sunscreen because it absorbs better into hairy man arms...
  • Rainwater Botanicals Deodorant: I was head over heels for this deodorant the first time I bought it. Now on my second stick, it doesn't seem quite as effective as my last one, but still effective enough that I'm not tempted to find an alternative. Will repurchase in all likelihood.
  • Eye Kandii blush: I'm still loving the performance and color of this blush. I'm not even halfway through the container, but if I want more I'll probably need to order soon--it took over a month to get to me from Canada last time.
  • Real Purity Mascara: As per my last review of this product, I'm still loving this and wearing it every day! Will repurchase.
  • W3ll People Universalist 2: I got a sample of this when I was testing a few other W3ll People products. This is basically W3ll People's version of the infamous RMS Beauty Luminizer, but I like W3ll People's better. RMS's version didn't have very good lasting power for me, but the Universalist sticks around most of the day. I use it on the inner corner of my eyes and under my eye and it perks me right up! I've already bought the little pot version of this (not the stick, although that's what I thought I was getting off Amazon...).
  • Honey and Stark's Oil: as reviewed here, I've been using honey as a cleanser and just patting on some more Cypress oil on my damp skin before bed. Love!
As Needed: 
  • Acure Organic Mint Shampoo and Conditioner: I'm still using and liking Acure's mint offerings. I do find that near the end of the bottle the shampoo doesn't seem to clean my hair as well (almost like as the ingredients settle, one of them gets used up), so I've taken to shaking the bottle before each use, which has helped. These are just good, basic products and I have no complaints. Will likely repurchase.
  • Ubtan Scrub: I've raved endlessly about this mask, so I won't go on about it again. But I plan to repurchase when I'm done with this bottle. I've had it since November and am about halfway through the bottle, using it maybe once a week.
  • Devita's Cocoa and Cappuccino Masque: I bought this on a whim because it was $5 on clearance (regular price: $34.95), and I'm so glad I did! This provides the gunk-clearing suction I need for my blackhead-prone pores, without drying out my skin to the degree of my Aztec Indian Clay. This is a pretty active mask, which surprised me as it looked so mild--like chocolate pudding! It smells delicious and glides onto the skin nicely, with a cooling sensation. While it dries, it starts to pulsate your skin. It washes off much easier than the concrete-like Indian Clay, and my skin is much less red and dried out after the Devita mask than the Indian Clay. All-around win in my book, and it comes in the cutest reusable glass jar! This product will last me a good long while, too. If I was a normal person I'd definitely repurchase this again and again--however, I enjoy playing around with different masks, so I probably won't immediately repurchase so I can test out another product.

So, all in all, of the 13 products I'm regularly using this summer, the only one that I definitely don't plan to repurchase is the Andalou Naturals toner (just because I think I can either find something more active/beneficial, or I'll just use water--nothing against the product in particular!). It's nice to start finding products that are working well for me!

If you're looking to start cleaning up your skin/beauty care and you have similar skin as me, I'd recommend starting with the Stark oil and the Devita masque--those two used in the same regimen have made the most noticeable difference in my skin of any product combo I've used since switching to natural in October of last year.

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