Monday, 8 July 2013

Living Room Firewood Storage DIY Plan

Iiiiiiit's Monday again, and I for one am not ready. I think weekends should be at LEAST twice as long, no?

We did manage to make some progress on our living room over the weekend. I finally found the fabric I will use for the custom slipcover, and it is gonna look snaaazzzzy. Now that I know the exact shade of grey I'm dealing with (insert 50 shades of grey reference here), it's making other design decisions much easier---picking accent pillow fabrics, etc.

One problem I have yet to tackle was storage for our firewood and kindling. We have a functioning fireplace in the living room and it actually gets a ton of use in the winter. But it drives me nuts that we always have a cardboard box full of kindling on the fireplace stoop. Surely there's got to be a chicer way to have supplies available for a cozy fire!

That's when I spotted this on Pinterest:

I love how minimalistic the design is, and thought it would be a pretty easy DIY. Then I realized the above design does not account for kindling, so I came up with this: 

Firewood/Kindling Storage Design

Basically I'm planning to build a little cubby on the bottom to stuff kindling into, and above it create another box on top out of L-frame to store chopped firewood like the inspiration image.

Since we obviously don't have fires during the summer, this project is low on the priority list, but I thought I'd share it before I forgot! :)

For those of you with functioning fireplaces, how do you tackle the storage problem?

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