Thursday, 27 June 2013

B(est of) ETSY: Volume 2

It's about time for another round of BETSY! Since my last BETSY post, I've come across some more wonders in the world of Etsy, see?

B(est of) ETSY: Volume 2

Starting top left, working clockwise and spiraling inward:

1. B&W Pillow: love the graphic punch this gives. It would play nicely with yesterday's living room inspiration!

2. Abstract Art: Not sure quite why I love this so much, but I find the color soothing.

3. Ikat Pillow: Even though I'm getting a bit tired of ikat prints, this pillow is an exception--I want to design an entire room around it!

4. Custom Stamp: so much better than hand writing your info, and I like the styling of washi tape! Great wedding gift?

5. Geometric sculptures: I think these would be pretty on my floating shelves. Great, simple objects for styling!

6. Mountains artwork: This reminds me of home in the winter. Love the diminutive size, too!

7. Elaborate necklace: I see this as a major statement necklace over a simple black tank maxi dress.

8. "Classy Ostrich" is the name of this piece, and deservedly so. Is it weird that I want this terribly bad for my house? She cracks me up!

9. Arrow/chevron pillow: Love the color!

10. Barstool: It's great how simple and sculptural this stool is.

11. Clover necklace: this whole shop is brimming full of super cheap but lovely jewelry!

12. Grey bolster pillow: I'm seriously contemplating these instead of the bolster pillows my sofa came with. I love that they're not chevron, but still add some great lines and simple geometry.

13. Heart glasses llama: apparently I'm on an 'animals doing human things' kick today. I want to buy this one too and start a gallery wall of anthropomorphism...

14. Hand-carved Stamp: I'm in love with everything in this shop. I actually bought a lovely stamp from here for a DIY I'm working on, and it's even more amazing in person. I plan to frame it in a shadow box for my wall when I'm done--it's like mini art!

15. Ceramic vase: I'm a sucker for anything white, grey, and gold, and this little vessel is no exception.

16. Watercolor moths: This shop is really lovely and has some awesome watercolor gemstones too. I see this in a really simple bedroom, or as part of a wall of books.

What's catching your eye in the grand world of Etsy lately?

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