Thursday, 13 June 2013

2 Quick Natural Beauty Product Reviews

It's been a while since I've reviewed any of the natural/green beauty/skincare products I've been using...mostly because I've found a collection of products that are working well for me, so I'm not testing as many new things out!

Two things I haven't talked about yet are my current face cleanser and mascara.

1. New Holy Grail Mascara: Real Purity Navy Blue Mascara

Guys, I love this mascara. I've used natural mascaras from ZuzuLuxe and Mineral Fusion and, frankly, wasn't really impressed. They were pretty dry and flakey and smudged easily by the end of the day. 

Not so with this little wonder from Real Purity. I have it in Navy Blue, which looks intimidating in the tube but ends up being really lovely and subtle--I only really notice that it's not black if I smudge some on my eyelids when applying. I find that this mascara looks and works a lot like conventional mascaras. It stays put, doesn't flake or smudge, isn't too drying, and makes my lashes look thicker and more curled than the other natural options I've tried. I really love the formula and don't see myself straying from this product anytime in the near future!

2. Face Cleanser: Organic Honey!
You know, I kept reading about natural beauty bloggers using honey as their cleanser and it just seemed weird. Then I gave it a whirl....and I like it! 
I was confused about how one cleanses with honey because it's so sticky. I just wet my face with some water, and then the honey slides around just fine. I massage it in a little and let it sit for a moment, then wash it off. My face feels just as clean as when using other cleansers, but I've noticed that it's not as dry or stripped as when I used, for example, my Andalou Naturals cleansers. 

Honey is not my holy grail cleanser--I'm not getting the miraculous results and completely clear face that others have boasted--but then again, neither did I when I was using traditional cleansers. My thought is, the fewer ingredients you use, the better, so if a single-ingredient product (honey) gets the same results as another, multiple-ingredient cleanser, makes sense to me to stick with the honey.

One thing that I don't like about it is that if you don't wash it all off completely, obviously it will dry a little sticky. Some people also have sensitivities to honey, so I'd for sure spot-test it first. My skin felt a little itchy the very first time I used it, but I haven't noticed it since.

So there you go! Two products that I fully endorse. I've also been using Stark Skincare's Defense Oil for a couple weeks and have really liked it so far. I want to test it a little longer before giving my full thoughts on it, but you can look forward to that review in the near future!