Thursday, 20 June 2013

Weekly Wishlist: Spending Ban

Do you ever notice that when you are on a self-imposed spending ban, suddenly you want everything you see?

Since our custom slipcover is going to be a bit of a splurge, I'm watching the rest of my budget...which is hard when these lovelies are on my Weekly Wishlist:

Weekly Wishlist: Spending Ban

1. Dark Leaves Wallpaper: This is even on closeout sale! That NEVER happens! I want to buy it all and hoard it until the perfect place to use it presents that weird?
2. Grey/Green pillow: You know I'm a sucker for ethnic prints, grey, and green! This one actually hurts that I'm not buying it...
3. B&W pillow: would go well with a grey slipcovered sofa, that's all I'm saying...perfect mix of funky for me plus masculine for my man.
4. Little earring box: there's absolutely no reason I need this little box, but it is just so. darn. cute.
5. Kilim: I adore the colors in this rug. So, so tempted....
6. Wood-topped glass jars: At heart I'm a minimalist, so if I am buying a functional piece I want it to at least be beautiful. I want to stock my entire (nonexistent) pantry with these beautiful jars a la Emerson Fry.
7. Asos Dress: isn't this very Mara Hoffman, but without the sticker shock? Love.
8. Slingback chair: again with the minimalist beauty thing. Not surprisingly, the glass jars and this chair are from the same beautiful store.
9. Wood-topped enamel boxes: Again, minimalist functionalism (I just made that up)
10. Pendant: Not surprisingly, the earring box, glass jars, slingback chair, enamel boxes, and this pendant are all from the same beautiful store, Merchant 4. Check it out!
11. Brass bowls: because who couldn't use a little more aged brass in their life?
12. Laser cut bikini: so cute for the summer!
13. Knock-off Eames chair: I love the legs and hate the price tag of the real deal. Sue me.
14. Console table: I am all about mixed materials in my furniture, like this lovely simplistic console table with wood drawers.
15. Flying birds wallpaper: Another one on closeout...I can't NOT get this, right?! Amazing.
16. Another kilim: perfectly worn.
17. Duffel bag: For all the festivals I regularly attend. Oh wait...
18. Side table: Seriously pondering making a similar table for my house. love this!
19. Leopard shirt: equal parts classic and funky.
20. Safari sandals: I love the shape of the brown leather straps--these seem like the sandal that surprisingly goes with everything in your closet.
21. Wire chair: I bet these are uncomfortable, but if they're good enough for Keri Russell they're good enough for me!

Of everything here, it's killing me most not to buy the top kilim and the green/grey pillow. What are you lusting after lately?

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