Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Further Musings on my Living Room: Color Palette and DIYs

My boyfriend can attest that I've been a bit obsessed with creating a plan for our upstairs living room. I gathered lots of general ideas via Pinspiration here, explained the plan for one of the sofas here, and now I'm trying to nail down some specifics on color palette and projects I'll want to tackle.

Here's what I'm thinking right now:

Inspiration: Living Room Color Palette

Seemingly random collection of images, no? Well, from the top images I decided on a color palette of:

Living Room Color Palette

Living Room Color Palette by mjchirpich-1 on Polyvore

Dark grey, citron, and paprika, with brass and wood accents and lots of greenery via plants (until I kill them with my black thumb, mwahaha). I'll probably temper these strong colors with lots of white, too.

From the bottom two Inspiration images, I've pulled together a project list. I recently came across the brilliant DIY interior design blog, Sarah M. Dorsey Designs. The projects she creates are so beautiful and professional-looking, they put mine to shame. Go check out her blog immediately for some great inspiration!

Her living room projects alone have my brain buzzing with ways to adapt what she's done to my own plans, like so: 
DIY: Rug, table, curtains, pelmet

DIY: Rug, table, curtains, pelmet by mjchirpich-1 on Polyvore
Central image courtesy of Sarah M. Dorsey Designs

Top Left: Sarah created a beautiful table out of driftwood pieces she laboriously hacked down to size. Although I don't have that level of ambition for this project, I do plan on hacking her idea for the table base. She used angle irons from Home Depot in her project, and while looking for the ones she used I came across these great steel beams that I want to use as the base of an industrial-inspired coffee table. I'd use just wood planks on the top, being much lazier than Sarah and her driftwood beauty.

Top Right: My boyfriend likes the curtains she made, a riff on the Schumacher Zimba print. I'd like to nab some cheap white curtains from Ikea and stencil my own, maybe using her stencil or maybe doing another pattern entirely.

Bottom Left: I've long admired the Ikea Stockholm rug for the way it adds a graphic punch to any room, but it's waaaay too large for my space. I plan to buy this cheapo Ikea rug and get a little paint-and-tape happy, like Sarah did here.

Bottom Right: We've been thinking about creating pelmets for our upstairs windows for about a year now, and Sarah's tutorial finally sparked the urge to actually complete them. I plan to make mine out of foam core board and batting rather than wood, though, and have them be a dark grey (same fabric as the sofa) with white velvet trim.

Lastly, I saved the image below on my Pinterest board months ago and still haven't gotten it out of my head. Thanks to a helpful post from Sarah, I found the fabric used on the curtains, which created a snowball effect of projects I'd like to accomplish based on this image:

Living Room DIY: Footstool and Pillows

Top Right: Since I have the fabric source now, I'd like to either recover some inexpensive footstools with it, or create a stencil to paint the same design in my own color onto the footstools.

Bottom Right: I love the tailored look of the white pillows with black border, but those would never stay clean in my house. I'd like to pick up these cheap Ikea pillow covers and paint an inch-wide border around them in citron.

Not Pictured:  I love the combination of multi-colored, geometric pillows in the inspiration image. I'd like to pick out some fabrics and create my own pillows!

So those are a few of the plans I have for the space!

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