Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Printed Pants for Work, Play and Errands

Most of this year's fashion trends have me wincing--it's like designers chose the worst trends of the 80s and 90s (ummm hello neon, burgundy, and acid-wash jeans) and decided that those trends should all make a comeback all at once. No thanks. I've actually seen neon, burgundy, and acid wash jeans all well-done, but the majority of people and things should not sport these trends, in my opinion.

However, one trend I've really gotten on board with is printed and/or silky pants. You're telling me I can wear basically pajamas to work and not only is it not frowned upon, but I actually look fashion-forward? Count me in!

This trend can be tricky, so I've put together three outfits I'd love to wear featuring a couple pairs I"m lusting over right now.

Printed Pants for Work, Play and Errands

Since this trend already rides the line between high fashion and the sweats you wore to the library every day in college (oh the shame...), it's important to keep everything else chic.

For Date Night:  I'd sweeten up the boho factor of the printed pants with a bow-top tank, feather clutch, and some cute wedges.

For Work: Close-toed shoes dress both pants up a little more, and the cheery color of the top makes early-morning  meetings not quite so painful. Top it off with a tough-yet-ladylike leather jacket to show you mean business (har, har)

For Running Errands: I'm a fan of these booties because they're super comfortable (uggs!), stylish, and easy to slip on. I'd sport this slouchy tank for Saturday morning cool and a blue Baggu bag to liven up the otherwise-neutral outfit.

What do you think? Will you sport this trend this season?

Printed Pants for Work, Play and Errands by mjchirpich-1 featuring patterned pants

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