Friday, 3 August 2012

I've found my dream store

If someone were to ask me one store that personified my taste in clothing (not that they ever would because, really, what a weird question), to this point in my short life I would never have had a good answer. No more, my friends. No more.

Thanks to this lovely post from Designstiles, I ran across the store Esther.  Unfortunately it's Australian so I won't be able to go broke buy a new wardrobe reasonably order several desired lusted after needed items. But I will, however, share why this store is my personal style mecca.

1. They have a lot of black items, with a twist. I like a lot of black items, with a twist. Pretty sure I need both of these blazers.

2. Their items are feminine with a tough edge.

3. They're ever so slightly boho, but still tailored and chic.

4. They have items that sparkle. And lord knows I love a good sparkle (that grey tshirt has gold sequin trim! DIY anyone?)

5. All their items are basic in concept with small details that make them special.  I love the wavy edge on this lapel.

6. Their dresses are feminine and flirty but not trashy.

7. They stock pants with polka dots. Duh.

8. They have great statement jewelry that can be paired with many different outfits.

And last but not least, did you notice any common denominator in many of those images? How about these guys:
9. They've convinced me to buy the leather-look leggings from my Weekend Wishlist. After seeing how many different ways they styled them, I think those Windsor leggings have upgraded from a Want to a Need!

What about you guys--any one store that captures your personal style?

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