Monday, 20 August 2012

Mix and Match: Yellow Gingham Shirt Edition

Generally I'm one to avoid preppy clothing at all costs. However, when I spotted this cheerful yellow gingham button-up at Old Navy, I was smitten, and my credit card felt the love. I always know that I've made a good purchase when I immediately start planning outfits around the new item (see this post for another example). If I had a miracle closet that magically procured every clothing item I desire, this is how I'd wear this preppy staple.

Looks: Top Left
As summer fades into fall, I'd take my gingham to a bonfire with my new favorite floral leather boots, denim cutoffs, and a slouchy tshirt.

Looks: Top Right
If you're going to go prep, you might as well go all the way, right? Lately I'm really into the color pairing of yellow and lilac, so I'd layer the thin sweater over the buttonup, roll the cuffs on these subtly polka-dotted skinnies, and slide into some classic Chucks.

Looks: Bottom Left
Who says gingham can't be tough? With my new favorite leather-look leggings, sexy black booties, and a tough collar necklace, this button-up heads to a rock concert.

Looks: Bottom Right
Tucked into a sweet tulle skirt and paired with leather wedges, our button-up makes an appearance at a neighborhood barbecue.

What do you think? Is gingham more versatile than you thought, or do you think pairing a bright preppy yellow shirt with leather pants is ridiculous? (personally I'm split....60% of me thinks it's ridiculous, and the other 40% wants to rock that look baaaaad! :) 

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