Sunday, 26 August 2012

My Personal Guide to Closet Classics

Last post I touched briefly on splurging on classics. Which made me ask myself, what do I consider my own closet classic? What are the staples that I reach for on a weekly, if not daily basis? Well Meghan, I'm glad you asked (yourself), because I've put together a little collection of my own classics.

I'm Glad I Exist's Guide to Closet Classics

Here are the lucky 13 pieces that I would buy if my closet were completely empty.
1. Dark Wash Bootcut Denim. This fit looks great on everyone, unlike other styles such as skinny or wide-leg jeans that look better on specific body types. The bootcut is universally flattering, and the dark wash is always slimming. Avoid whiskering--tacky, dated, and adds visual weight. My go-to brand is the junior's line Jolt--fits my curvy booty well, with the perfect amount of stretch.
2. Striped Tee. I only recently started falling in love with stripes, but now I've fallen hard (recent purchases include a striped dress, long-sleeve t, maxi, and tank). I'm partial to classic black and white stripes, but hey, to each their own.
3. Gold-Rimmed Grey Druzy Studs. I'm so happy druzy is a trend this year. I snapped up a similar pair of studs last spring and wear them nonstop. They're just as versatile as a diamond or plain gold or silver pair, but have a little more pizazz. You can easily find them on
4. Skinny Leopard Belt. Or any belt ever, really. Adds a subtle pattern to any outfit but is really neutral.
5. Black Leggings. Some people hate them, but I'm all for leggings (as long as you cover your ass--leggings aren't pants ladies!). Like I said last post, buy ones that will last through the year, but not too expensive because they'll inevitably develop holes.
6. Feminine Dress. Sometimes a girl just wants to feel like a lady, and I think it's important to have a dress for that occasion. I have my go-to dress (are you sick of hearing about this one yet??) that I wear when I want to feel feminine. Lace, flowy skirt, a hint of cleavage, and mine's peach--this dress is womanhood defined.
6.5 LBD. The pictured dress is actually a two-fer, because it represents another closet staple: the Little Black Dress. I constantly dress mine up, dress them down, and wear them until they can no longer be called black. I'd call this a fairly universal staple, and because there are so many options I like to find LBDs with special detailing (like unique hems) but ones that can be worn belted, unbelted, with scarves, etc.
7. Black Blazer. Much like the LBD, the black blazer is a fairly universal staple because you can dress it up or down. Wear it to work with a pencil skirt, or to a concert with a slouchy tee. Again, with so many options, look for unique details like the interesting lapel on the one pictured.
8. Grey T-shirt. I'm obsessed. Subtly sexy, all the time, and so comfy it's like you're wearing pj's.
9. Comfy Pumps in black and nude. Duh. Wear with everything, from work to play. I love the Corso Como Del pump. It's pricey but so comfortable that it's completely worth it. Much hotter on the foot, too!
10. Floral Scarf. Instantly makes a so-so outfit of skinny jeans and a tee look pulled together. I like black-based florals because I mix patterns with my b&w striped tees.
11. Black Pencil Skirt. Goes with every top in your closet. Search around until you find a flattering fit; pencil skirts can look good on everyone, but not all skirt (even of the same pencil style) are cut the same way.
12. Grey Maxi Dress. Much like stripes, I'm a recent convert to maxis. I bought a grey maxi at the start of the summer and have worn it a probably unhealthy amount. Again: grey is subtly sexy, and because it's a long dress you can play with a lower neckline or tighter fit without looking trampy.
13. Quality pair of black leather boots. I bought the older version of these Vince Camuto boots on super sale, and they look so amazing with everything I own (including everything pictured here!)

So there's my lucky 13 closet staples--what are yours?

I'm Glad I Exist's Guide to Closet Classics by mjchirpich-1 featuring vintage style t shirts

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