Sunday, 26 August 2012

Weekend Wishlist: Basement Livingroom

Big news folks! This weekend I hit the 50,000 views mark :) I know that's peanuts for a lot of blogs but for my little corner of the internet I was pretty proud. So thanks for stopping by!

As long-time readers know, I'm in the middle of a renovation. I moved into my boyfriend's house recently, right after their basement flooded and the (super nasty) carpet had to be ripped out. Since my boyfriend owns the home, he's taking it as an opportunity to update some things.

I've already bought the below couch (secondhand but practically brand new for $300!), and here's the direction I think we may go for everything else. The walls are a light grey, with a working fireplace that is the grey color of the map background (the fireplace is directly opposite the couch).

Weekend Wishlist: Basement Livingroom

The place needs to stay masculine since I live with four grown men, but I will introduce my side of things through photos, pretty acrylic lamps, sconces, and little accents that boys never add and I can't live without :) I'll also add prettier pillows, but haven't tracked down ones I like that work all together yet.

What do you think of this moodboard?

Edit 8-28-12: Wouldn't this dress have been a great inspiration pic for this board??


  1. I love your living room mood board - perfect for transitioning into a co-habitated by a boy house! The foot poofs are awesome

  2. Thanks! I like them too--but try explaining the concept of a 'pouf' to a bunch of dudes! ;)