Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Fashion Face-off: Leather Booties

Can you tell which one cost...

$100? $129? $285? $495?

I think it's pretty easy to tell which costs $90, but a lot tougher to guess the most expensive between the other three! Although I have undying love for the Rag & Bone Harrow booties, I may just finally pull the trigger on the $129 pair...

Sources: Diba Flap Jack, Rag & Bone Harrow, DV by Dolce Vita Java, H by Hudson Horrigan

Update! Found another lookalike: The Steve Madden Quesstt, $159


  1. wow - despite the huge difference in price, I think they are all very similar, and I love the style!

  2. Right?? I'm jonesing for the Dolce Vita pair HARD right now....hopefully they pop up on one of the billion shopping sites I follow, cuz even at $130 they're pretty tough for my wallet to swallow right now :)