Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Now and Later: Fully Utilizing your Wardrobe

I've got to admit, sometimes I get perplexed when bloggers talk about 'changing out their seasonal wardrobe.' Sure, I have a box for my mittens and wool hats and winter boots, but there are very few items in my closet that are limited to just one season. I live in my black skinnies year-round, and even my thickest, chunkiest, warmest sweater gets pulled out on rainy days (or when my roommates turn the AC up too high ;)

So after my post on my personal Autumn Essentials, I decided to take some of the pieces from that list that I actually own and play around with different ways to wear them now and in the upcoming cooler seasons.

First up: silky, peachy, lovely goodness of a dress. This Mikkat Market number is actually still making its way to me, but I know it's gonna be awesome because I've already planned a million ways to wear it. See?

How would you style this piece?

All sources available on my Pinterest (see Shopping Spree and Dream Closet boards)

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