Friday, 24 August 2012

Mix and Match: Chandelier Earrings

Since becoming more aware of my closet and personal style, I've come to realize that I'm very, very picky about jewelry. So when I saw the below earrings online, my heart jumped a little.

Ain't they purty? You better believe they are on their way to me. And since I like to use items in my own closet for inspiration, I thought they'd make a good subject for my next Mix and Match post. 

Running Errands
I'm pretty in love with all the items in this collage. I think the Stylemint dress is a perfect LBD--easily dressed up or down, with just enough unique details to make it stand out in the crowd. I want those Loeffler Randall booties like you wouldn't believe, but because I believe in actually affordable yet stylish fashion I offer up a pretty alternative with the DV booties. Finally I topped it off with a dainty-yet-badass horn necklace that echos the spikiness of the earrings, in a less obvious way.

Party Time
In real life I have absolutely NOWHER to wear these fun sequin leggings....but I think they'd be a really fun going-out look, with the white polka dot oxford knotted at the waist and the bow sandals for a little subtle sexiness.

 Art Attack!
Personal secret: Sometime I shop in the maternity section, even though I'm nowhere near pregnant. Like anti-pregnant. As in what Representative Todd Akin believes happens in cases of 'legitimate rape' K getting off my soapbox now...
ANYWAY. Found this fun printed maxi on sale at TopShop. It's maternity, which basically translates to 'super comfy with elastic waistband.' I'd rock it fo sho, and pair it with this fun Tibi top (horrendously expensive but amazing...possible DIY?) With all that print and pattern and business I kept the shoes simple.

Dream World:

Ok story time. I've been searching high and low for the perfect black leather jacket. And when I saw this laser cut one, I swear my heart stopped for a secon. Isn't it gorgeous?
Ok another story time: as soon as I started putting this post together, the first thing I thought of to pair with the earrings was this Tibi maxi. I'm on a Tibi kick. I think the soft, flowy, unstructured-ness of the dress is so pretty contrasted agains the spike earrings and shoes and the tough-yet-feminine floral-cut leather jacket. It's love. And apparently love DOES cost a thing, because this outfit would set you back $1,326. A girl can dream.....

Which look was your favorite?

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