Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Autumn Essentials

Traditionally this blog has been a place for me to catalogue my latest decor inspiration, but lately, I just haven't been feeling that inspired.  Thanks to the "Pinterest effect" (credit Rue mag ;) I feel like lately all the decor I see just melds into one giant lump of industrial side table, kilim, lucite, and gold. It's been a while since I've seen anything that seemed groundbreaking or could spark a new trend.

And while this same idea is true for fashion (only bright denim, floral, hi-low hems, and colored blazers), lately I've been much more drawn towards the clothing side of creative expression rather than the decor side. Thus all these style posts. Hope that's cool, cuz if it's not....too bad, it's my blog not yours ;) Kidding. Kinda...


Let's talk fall. I for one am more than ready to get done with summer (aka studying for my boards) and just start piling on the layers! So here you have: My Autumn Essentials

Assessing my own list, I realized I don't even own most of these items, especially after cleaning out my closet. In my dream world this is what I'd add to my closet:

  1. Several of these silky long-sleeve blouses from Jcrew....the pink is sold out right now, but I'd also take the turquoise and white if I had to ;) JCrew Shallow Sea $110
  2. Chambray shirt. This is, admittedly, a trendy item right now but it works with everything and has polka dots! JCrew wins. (JCrew $88 (with polka dots!) 
  3. I'm pretty picky about my pointy-toed flats, but they leopard flats by Madewell ($135) really do it for me.
  4. An item that's been on my shopping list for literally years now is the perfect pair of brown leather boots. By Frye, duh. $348.
  5. Ankle booties....used alone for warmer days, or with tights and socks for cool days! I want these Rag & Bone Harrow booties in the WORST way....too bad they're $495 and sold out everywhere in tan :(
  6. I'm eternally lusting over (and unable to afford) these AG Adriano Goldschmied Tomboy jeans. This brand is always so soft and all their jeans do wonders for the booty, plus they fit my curves really well.
  7. Last but CERTAINLY not least, the holy grail of soft womanly leather jackets: This Rick Owens beauty. He can do no wrong in my book, really. Oh except his $2,645 price tag really, really blows.

However, since I live in the real world of paying bills and student loans and perpetual nearly broke-hood, I've come up with my actual shopping list. 

PS I don't plan to buy them, but aren't these Hive & Honey Toluca booties pretty close to those Rag & Bone ones? $50 on sale.

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