Sunday, 29 July 2012

Weekend Wishlist: Black Leather Jacket

Lately, in a pathetic attempt to avoid studying for my board exam, I've become a pro online window shopper. Which, naturally, leads to me creating Pinterest boards such as "Shopping Spree" and "Dream Closet"....but if I haaaaaad to pick just a few items off the list, these are the ones I'd go with this weekend:

1) Isn't this Warehouse Soft Pocket Leather jacket AMAZING?!! I've been searching for an affordable black leather jacket with a beautiful waterfall or asymmetric hem for MONTHS now and this is basically my holy grail.

2) I'm also lusting over these awesome Rag & Bone Harrow Booties. I can only seem to find them in stock in black...but they're crazy good and I can basically imagine wearing them with my entire wardrobe.

3) I'm usually one to stick to a really neutral color palette for my basics (and I personally count a good leather work bag as a basic) buuuut I'd make an exception in this case.  This bag alone is why I curse having a winter birthday....there's no way to sucker someone else into getting this for me! :( This Jade Green Twist Lock Holdall Bag is from a really cute shop I just discovered, Chicwish.

4) I'm really digging stripes this summer and I'd love to add this Black/White Stripe Belted Pencil Skirt from Windsor to my closet. Only $23!

5) I think this Swan Cloud Skirt from Chicwish is a little crazy, but in the best possible way.  They show it with a chambray/denim shirt, but I think it'd be fun with concert tees or a slouchy grey tank too.

6) Speaking of crazy, these It's a Colorful Life pants from Modcloth are basically the definition of crazy-pants. I'd break allll of my normal fashion rules for these pants if not for the fact that all the reviews make them sound super tiny :(

7) Last but certainly not least, I've been lusting over black liquid/wet look/faux leather/whatever you call them leggings for eeeeeeevvvvver. These Black Liquid Leggings from Windsor seem to be the darling of fashion blogs, but I'm wondering if they would fit my badonk well enough? The model seems pretty tiny.....anyone? Or anyone had luck with other liquid leggings for the not-size-zero body?

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