Monday, 2 May 2011

Bedroom start-off point

I'm on a roll! Here's a rough sketch of my bedroom. The duvet is from Crate and Barrel and is all green, not patterns. Lamps are lucite. Dressing table is dusky purple, as are the cushion on the bench and the sheets. Bench is dark wood that matches the wood side table on the left. I'd do the frame of the mirrors over the dresser in dark wood too. Not sure what color I'd do the dresser but I like the detailing. Bedroom start-off point

I own things that look like: dressing table, bench, left side table, duvet, lamp. To complete this look I'd have to pick up the mirrors, dresser, and another bedside table, if the space called for it. I know you're all fascinated with this peek into my life (kiddddding....) but I started this blog as a place to store all my interiors ideas so you're gonna have to just tough it out :)

Bedroom start-off point by mjchirpich on

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