Friday, 20 May 2011


Another DIY collection :)

Not really a simple DIY, but it's beautiful and I think sommmmeone out there could recreate this

Eddie Ross sets a beautiful table

I like the detailing on the doors

Ikea Rast hack! Gaaaaaah!

Clever use of small space

Bench out of a palatte

painting hot pink behind this mirror makes the detailing stand out more

Looks like this is made with studs....and you know I love me some studs

I showed a room with this same window treatment before....colored curtains with Roman shades in a different color or pattern

Studs on simple stools again...looks so much more tailored and deliberate!

If you look closely, the mirrored outline is made up of tiny mirrored tiles...doooo it!

I like the pattern of these studs...check out the image below for what it looks like from further away....zig-zaggy

Simple bench with a cushion to bring in some more color...Pier one has great options for this

One ikea curtain made two window coverings

I'd like to paint my curtains with this subtle zebra pattern....has a lot of movement but isn't too crazy

A closeup of the table my boyfriend and I are thinking about making, with our own tweaks of course :)

I like how they attached the sconces to the headboard so the wiring can go behind the bed and not look messy

Hope this inspired! :)

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