Thursday, 19 May 2011

Nothin' you'll want to see...

All right kiddos, I warned you. This is a completely self-serving post. I want to make a moodboard for my next living situation, but the only way I know how to get images onto Polyvore is if they're already on a website....thus the blog post. If you're reeeeallly interested in what I've got goin on in my house (or are just really nosey.... ;) see below.

My coffee table. Used to be ugly seafoam green with the paint flaking away. Now a dark wood stain (took forever to get all the paint off those legs, let me tell you!) with a white shelf. Not sure I like the white shelf or how dark the stain is, but they're both growing on me. What do you guys think?

Another shot of the new chairs. They're a bright cobalt blue in person, not sure why my phone is so shitty (camera got stolen so that's why these pics suck)

This is a little closer to the true color, front shot cuz I like to mess around with perspectives on Polyvore (yes, I realize I'm a huge nerd).

Annnnd the chairs I refinished again. I'm disappointed, the white paint is already getting damaged! I sprayed the damn thing with like 4 coats of clear acrylic, any ideas what went wrong??

Speaking of painting, here's a sun painting I made years ago based off a magazine tear sheet.

Huuuge 2-part painting I made this winter, it's 2 big bulletin boards I wrapped in canvas ($3 bulletin boards from a thrift store + $7 (formerly $21) canvas stretcher from Michael's = darn cheap personal art.

Watercolor map I bought off of this Etsy's one of my favorite things, and actually one of very few art pieces in my home that I didn't actually make myself.

Chile painting I made with a large frame around it (I studied abroad in Chile for a semester so I like to keep reminders of my friends there)

Green vintage hamper from my Grandma with a geometric thrift store planter. That aloe plant has lasted 4 years of rough college living, it's a trooper :)

Side view of a cane chair I found in my parents' basement and reupholstered with my mom.

Front view (again with the Polyvore nerdiness) and a green pillow from Hobby Lobby (man it seems like everything I own is from's not, I promise!)

Side table I spotted at an antique store under piles of junk because of the beautiful blue glass top. My mom didn't think it was worth it when I bought it but I refinished it and love it now! Also pictured: one of my 3 lucite lamps from Target, a glass box with coins from all my travels, and a photo frame of me and my best friends dancing our hearts out.

Front view of the bench I refinished and reupholstered. My parents' basement was a treasure trove this past summer :)

Back view. Too bad my camera is so shitty, there's a really pretty pattern in that middle wood piece.

My desk/vanity, which I got at the same place as the dining chairs and coffee table (Home Again on 21st South, for anyone familiar with Salt Lake City). This is my favorite thing I own. I put new sparkly knobs on it and added green antique glass dishes to hold my jewelry/makeup and a mirror from Hobby Lobby. Above are small canvasses that read "In the noisy confusion of life, keep peace in your soul." I made them using a quote from the Desiderata, my favorite poem. Check it out!

Last but not least, here's my bed. Kohl's sheets, Crate and Barrel bedspread, iron scrolly thing from Hobby Lobby, and headboard I made with my mom. Fabric is upholstery fabric from Hancock fabrics, as is the fabric for the lumbar pillow we made.

If you made it all the way to the end of this post...congrats? You now know a little more about me I guess? :)


  1. i love this!!! but your first picture of your coffee table makes me sad because i would have left it seafoam green and chipping. it gives it a vintage charm. i am bias because that is my favorite color. but if i didnt like the chipping paint i would have still kept it the original color. Still, i love your blog!!!

  2. Thanks! I debated whether I should change it or not but ultimately, the green color was a lot more puke-y than seafoam-y in person, with the other things in the room...but I agree, it did have a certain charm :)