Friday, 6 May 2011


I'm having the greatest day. My last final was yesterday, first year of gradschool is DONE, I have plans for a big backpacking trip with my wonderful boyfriend next week, and I spent all day today riding my bike and peeking into consignment/antique stores. It was wonderful, and the best part of it all....I found TWO DINING CHAIRS, even better than the ones I've been picturing in my head/searching for for MONTHS now. Picture if this:
(which retails for $595 mind you)...

And this:
and this:
All made awesome little fretwork babies together and popped out two beautiful fretwork dining chairs. They may or may not look something liiiiiikkkkeee....


(wait for it)


They're AWESOME. Even better in person. They need a new paint job, some wood glue, and recovering seating but fortunately I've got that ALL UNDER CONTROL. I just (as in a half hour before finding my new loves in life) picked up some beautiful deep jewel-toned blue-ish teal linen-blend upholstery fabric for $3 PER YARD (!!!) and it's going to all look AWESOME!!!

(So many capital letters! So many exclamation points!! I'm so excited!!)

The fabric looks roughly like this, only deeper, prettier, and more vivid with a silky/linen blend thing going on:

The chairs were $42 each, and although it's more than I wanted to pay (cuz I'm ri-donnnnkulously broke) I see them as pieces that I will keep forever and they're really unique and make my whole house look so much cooler. And that, my friends, is the power of a really amazing chair.

They will be joining this:
My bedspread from Crate and Barrel, although in person it's much less olive and much more grassy green on the dark side and springy-but-not-pastel green on the light side.

And I have throw pillows and sheets in roughly this color:
But less...ugly....more dusky beautiful purple.

And my mom and I made a headboard out of this beautiful upholstery fabric, sorry the pic is so small:

So that's what I've got goin on! Chairs are getting picked up in a half hour (since I was on my bike when I bought them) and then I'm sanding those suckers down, putting pretty new fabric on the cushions, and trying to figure out what color to paint the chairs. I thought about staining but lets be real, there's so much detail that would be a huuuuuge pain in my ass.

It's a great day to be alive. The end.

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