Thursday, 5 May 2011

What do I really like?

Lately I've been thinking about how, in this world of blogging, it's so easy to find inspiration everywhere, and much harder to sort through all the things that you find inspirational and narrow it down to those things that you'd actually want to live with. Since I'm in full new-place-planning mode (3 months early...details, details), I've realized that before I buy anything else I should figure out a design plan...and to do that, I should figure out what I'd like to live with.

My strategy to figure this out? Pull out all my favorite pics, places where I can see myself living. Then go picture by picture and figure out exactly what is appealing about those places. Then compile it into a master list of awesomeness (I may be sliiiiightly Type A ;)

Here were some of my inspiration pics that best-represent what I want my place to look like one day:

 all picked up on my style right? They all look so similar?? Jk. Here are the themes that I've picked out that I want to incorporate into my new space:
  • Ethnic glam with a comfy twist
  • Saturated blues, greens, and purples
  • Mixed metals but especially aged brass
  • A bit industrial metal contrasted against worn, aged wood
  • High-contrast colors (jewel tones against white/brass/woods)
  • Comfortable but tailored
Looking at my inspiration photos, do you pick up on those different aspects? And do you think this is doable?!?! Ay yay yay....

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