Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Your Opinion Needed: Living Room Curtains

Hello, all! Yesterday we discussed my new slipcover and how happy I am with how it turned out. Today we're going to talk about how, since it turned out so well, the rest of the room needs to step up its game to match the greatness of the slipcovered sofa! (Isn't that always how it happens? Such a domino effect...)

As a recap, a while ago I had determined that I want to use the Robert Allen Malakos Malachite fabric for pillows in our living room. I then put together several possible pillow pairings. While I liked them all, there was only one pairing that I could see in our living room:

Pillow ideas for custom sofa

I kind of fell in love with the first pillow arrangement from this post, so I tracked down 2 yards of the Robert Allen Malachite fabric from (lowest price I found and returnable if undamaged, unlike other shops I saw). I also ordered a half yard of the Aurora Ikat from Calico Corners (as far as I can tell, this is the only store that sells this fabric right now, but it's on sale for $55/yd currently). My mom is making me pillows because she is the best! Then, I picked up a white Gurli pillow cover from Ikea and plan to dip-dye with indigo Rit dye to achieve a similar look to the tie dye pillow shown above.

Now my question is, what color to make the curtains? I know I want solid fabric, since there will be so much pattern mixing with all the pillows and the rug. I'm leaning toward indigo blue or charcoal curtains. I live with 4 males in the winter so it has to be somewhat gender-neutral (otherwise I think magenta curtains would be fun for a while!) What are your thoughts?

Your thoughts?

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