Tuesday, 3 September 2013

My custom slipcover arrived!

Sofa of my Dreams

And that, my friends, is math I can get behind!

If you've been reading my blog for a while now, you know that I've been impatiently waiting for my custom slipcover to be finished! I first got the idea back in June when I came across the ad for the sofa in our local newspaper classifieds. At that time, I stumbled across the work of Shelley Anderson of Custom Slipcovers by Shelley and was so impressed that I got on her waiting list immediatly!

In case you, like me, have no idea what is involved in ordering a custom slipcover, it went a little like this: 
1. Got on the waiting list
2. Found my fabric (found mine at Home Fabrics on 7200 South State Street, for you who are local to SLC). 
3. Shelley came and fitted my sofa, pinning the fabric inside out to the sofa frame, then the pillows. She took one of the side back cushions with her, since they're an unusual shape. 
4. A week later, Shelley came back and helped show me the best way to fit the slipcover on the sofa, how to wash it, etc. 

And here is the grand result!

Before & After: Custom slipcover

For anyone who's curious, the total cost breakdown for this process was:
$45 custom-built sofa
$25 Uhaul fees
$135 for 22 yards of fabric (I had several yards left over)
$570 for the slipcover, 2 extra side pillows, delivery fee, and taxes

So all told, I paid about $775 for a sofa to turn out exactly like I wanted it, with removable/washable everything (such a perk when you have a dog or, in the future, kids!). It added up to a little more than I thought it would, mostly because I wasn't anticipating the cost of the fabric itself. I have zero qualms with the amount I paid Shelley for the slipcover and her services and am so so happy with the end result. 

It's hard to see, but the slipcover is all piped with the same fabric as the cushions except down the arms and along the bottom, which is black piping. Makes it look a little more tailored, I think! I also ripped off the skirt from the original sofa and plan to remove the gold wheels and replace them with these feet (except ours are 4") stained dark brown.

My thinking is, I could probably have bought a brand new sofa at Macy's for about the same price (I actually have that sofa in another color in our downstairs living room, but got it virtually new although second-hand for $300), but it wouldn't be the exact color or style that I want, nor would it likely last as well as a custom-built sofa, nor would the fabric be able to be washed. So I'm really happy with my end result!

Stay tuned tomorrow when I update some more plans for this space--I want your input! :)

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