Friday, 20 September 2013

Visa Card Vanquishment and Weekly Wishlist: Workout Wear

Lately I've been incorporating two kinds of workouts into my life: physical exercise, and swiping my Visa. Let's review, shall we?

Visa Card Vanquishment

Visa Card Vanquishment

I finally bought my favorite Gap workout shirts in the short-sleeve and long-sleeve versions and cannot wait for them to arrive!! Seriously, those tanks are a workout lifesaver!

I also bought this acrylic tray as part of my office update (pics coming soon!), and I was pleasantly surprised by the high quality--it's all cut from one piece of acrylic, not smaller pieces all joined at the seams. It works perfectly on my desk to corral my office odds and ends, including my new tape dispenser. This gorgeous stapler is still on my lust list!

I did buy the Halogen purse that I talked about last week, and I love it! It's on sale right now too, so Nordstrom kindly gave me a price match for the lower price--score!

Now that I don't need to bring a massive purse to work every day, I decided it was high time I got a nice laptop bag (usually I just stash it in my giant work bag, but that bag doesn't have any padding). I'm excited to receive my Timbuk2 bag--seems like a perfectly minimalist yet functional bag for my Macbook Air.

Weekly Wishlist: Workout Wear

I recently started attending yoga classes again, and I've found out that I love heated yoga! This type of workout does obviously get you schweaty sweaty, so I've been on the hunt for sweat-wicking, no-sweat-showing, non-see-through gear to get me through classes and afterwards. I've continued to run and rock climb a lot since my half marathon, so I'm trying to find gear that multitasks.

I noticed in my online shopping that virtually everyone does basic black tights and capris, but hardly anyone does unique, eye-catching gear! So here's a roundup of some fun and functional gear that is currently on my wishlist until my bank account recovers :)

Weekly Wishlist: Workout Wear

Starting top center, clockwise:
1. I'm in love with this post-workout (or during savasana!) long-sleeve ikat wrap, and I can see it transitioning easily over a LBD at the office! It's on sale and available in all-black as well, but it's discontinued so snap it up quick!
EDIT: I tried this top on today and hated it. The print looks really cheap, and the fabric feels cheap as well. Bummer!

2. Slouchy sweaters are my fave, epecially once you get out of the shower post-workout.

3. I'm in the market for a bra that doesn't give me uni-boob, and this one is so fun and bright!

4. I'm obsessed with the paisley print on these grey leggings--I want to wear them to yoga with that bright bra, then (wash them!) wear them to work with a cozy knit sweater and a tunic that covers my bum!

5. These bright capris will help me wake up for that 6am class!

6. I'm obsessed with these ikat print leggings--they also come in grey, which are a little more subtle. These are not only on my weekly wishlist but actually my more practical, I'm-really-planning-to-buy-these list.

EDIT: I also tried these on, in both colors, and they were extremely thin, the print looked cheap, and they were semi-see through. I don't recommend these, unfortunately!

7. I think these olive green leggings are such an unexpected color--I'd pair them with pastels like lavender or pink, or toughen them up with black!

8. I tried on these Moving Comfort leggings at REI the other day and I'm in love. The print is much more subtle once on, and the print is even flattering for us ladies with athletic thighs! Make sure to size up one size if you buy them--they run a bit small.

9. I go back and forth whether shorts are a good idea for hot yoga, or if the greater skin exposure would just lead to more sweat and slippery poses? If I were to get shorts, these are the ones I'd go with since they're a bit longer than your average yoga shorts and reviews say they stay put!

EDIT: I bought these and really liked them, but I did find that I get so sweaty in heated yoga that my arms slip off my legs in certain poses when I'm wearing shorts. I need longer leggings to provide a little 'grip' for different poses. I ended up returning these (Athleta has an excellent return policy, even if you've used the gear!) but I think they'd be great for regular yoga or maybe even running. They did stay put pretty well and are long enough that I didn't feel like my cheeks were hanging out or self-conscious--I have a big booty so that's saying something! ;)

10. These Lole leggings look so fun and comfortable and even wearable outside the gym. I'm a little wary of lighter colors, but these may be worth the risk :)

What gear keeps you moving and motivated? Do you prefer shorts or leggings for hot yoga?

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