Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Robert Allen Malakos Malachite Pillow Pairings

Since discovering the Robert Allen Malakos Malachite fabric I'm going to use to make my have my mother make me pillows (thanks Mom!!), I've been on the hunt for some accent pillows to round out my room design. At first I had a hard time since the green is so vibrant. Then I came across a whole bunch of pairings I liked, so I thought I'd show them off!

Here goes:

Pillow Trios

Pillow Trios by mjchirpich-1 on Polyvore

Although not all of these pairings will be approved in my boy-centric home, I had a fun time imagining what kind of living room I'd design based on each of the pillow trios. First up, boho:

Boho Living Room

The lucky owner of this living room is probably an artist (with a trust fund--that sofa ain't cheap!).

Gilded Living Room

I want to touch all the different textures in this room! As a largely neutral room, the vibrant green pillow wakes everything else up and makes sure neutral doesn't mean boring.

Meow Living Room

I like the two different cat-print pillows here, and the grey of the cowhide is so pretty!

Floral Living Room

I imagine this as the living room of a young lady just out of college--a bit more pulled-together than a dorm, but still fun and youthful.

Tonal Living Room

Tonal Living Room by mjchirpich-1 on Polyvore

This room's a bit cold for my taste, but I can imagine it in the home of a someone in finance who works insane hours and is rarely home (so the white sofa can stay clean!)

I actually just put in an order for a half yard of the vibrant watercolor ikat on the first pairing--it's so gorgeous! Maybe I can also DIY some tie-dye pillows like the ones shown?

Which pairing is your favorite?

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