Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Longtime Loves and Pinterest Musings

Lately I'm realizing that Pinterest is excellent for providing inspiration and new ideas, it is also really good at making a person feel the need for moremoremore. It makes you feel like your house is not put-together enough, or your wardrobe isn't chic enough. It can make you feel like everyone else has their shit together and you're the only one who came home to a dog who chewed your favorite heels (true story, yesterday), to a bedroom full of clean clothes that you haven't folded and dirty clothes you haven't washed (true story, today).  It can also cause you to view the same things day after day until you're not sure whether you like that Moroccan pouf because it's cute and comfy and easily transferable from place to place, or whether you've just conditioned yourself to like it because Pinterest told you to.

For today's post I decided to take it back to the real roots of Pinterest--collecting together things that inspire you and that are a reflection of your own taste. Here are a few things that I've loved for a long time, because for whatever reason, they are a true reflection of me and my style:

Longtime Loves

Top of my top favorites:

  • Muubaa leather jacket. This is so impractical and expensive (I'd constantly catch myself on the beautiful laser cuts!), but it's so....SO GOOD.
  • Z Gallerie glass chandelier: I featured this chandelier in this post and I'd love to have it in my home someday!
  • Industry West dining chair: this is the one and only dining chair that I've ever found that I'm honestly considering forking over the cash for. I think it's classic and I'm alllllways a fan of the metal and wood combo (as per several items shown here!)
What are some of your longtime loves?

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