Thursday, 5 September 2013

Weekly Wishlist: Wardrobe Staples

This week my cheap-o purse went kaput, and I've been searching for the perfect replacement ever since. Fun fact about me: I've never ever owned a really nice purse, like one with real leather and shit. This time around, I'm determined to buy a quality, classic bag that will stand the test of time both in design and in function!

With all the Labor Day sales lately I've been doing lots of window/online browsing and I've found that by asking myself all the questions from my Guide to Shopping (especially, "Would I buy this if it were full-price?"), I've really cut down on buying unnecessary, cheap, poorly made clothes just because they're 'a good deal.' Which, in turn, leaves more money in my bank account to fill up with quality wardrobe staples! Here are a few that I'm considering adding to my closet:

Weekly Wishlist: Wardrobe Staples

1. How awesome is that BB Dakota blazer? I love all the fun details and that you can wear it multiple ways. Definitely adding this one to my closet in the near future.

2. This Foley & Corinna Disco City bag is a bit larger than what I want, but I'm in love with it anyway. I love that cognac leather!

3. This Foley & Corinna Simpatico crossbody is a such a great size and versatile color. The only things holding me back from buying it is I don't know where I can go check it out in person!

4. I tried on these Express scuba leggings yesterday and I loved them. They're not too thick or thin, they let your legs move, they're flattering, and they have cute ankle zippers! These are on my wishlist for sure, but I haven't pulled the trigger yet since I can't wear them at work.

5. This Halogen purse is at the tippity-top of my new-purse wishlist. It looks a bit boring, but the bottom of the purse has a zipper that unzips to a contrasting blue color! So fun, and it's a great size with several compartments for your junk. This may be The One for me.

6. Yesterday I saw these Madewell bow flats via an Instagram style blogger I follow and I immediately fell in love. I don't even wear flats much, but I think I would if I had these beauties. Rationalization much? :)

7. The other top contender on my purse list is this Marc by Marc Jacobs purse. All the reviews I've seen are really positive and it's such a classic design! It's twice as expensive as the Halogen purse, but probably nicer leather. Decisions, decisions...

8. Last but not least, these Madewell Archival boots have been on my wishlist for at least 3 years. They're perfect in every way except the pricetag!! ARrrghggh.

I'm leaning heavily towards adding the Halogen purse and that black blazer to my closet. I'm going to stop by Nordstrom's today to check out the Marc Jacobs and Halogen purses side by side. What staples are you thinking of adding to your closet this fall? 

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