Tuesday, 24 September 2013

One Item Four Ways: Tie Dye Maxi Dress

Last night I was de-stressing after a long day at work by online shopping for things I'll never actually buy (please tell me I'm not the only one to use this as a coping mechanism??!). I came across this beautiful tie dye maxi (also available in coral and white for only $45!) and had to just show how I'd love to style it if I were to buy it:

Tie Dye Dress 4 ways

I can see this dress transitioning well to fall/winter by adding tights and boots/booties as well.

EDIT: I bought this during a Black Friday sale and really like it. It's a flowy jersey, so it clings a bit to the booty, but it's still flattering. The band around the waist is very comfortable, and the band around the boobs actually holds the dress in place! (unlike many strapless dresses I've tried). I will say that I thought it was more of a midi dress looking at the pictures, but it's definitely a maxi. I'm 5'4" and it's a biiiiit long on me--I either need to wear shoes with a bit of heel or I may get it hemmed a bit (maybe even to midi length, so I can show off cute shoes better!). All in all it's a great, versatile piece that I can't wait to wear year-round!

How would you wear it?

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