Thursday, 1 August 2013

One Item Three Ways: Gold Collar Necklace

Apparently this is the week of Remixing Items I Don't Even Own. See Exhibit A and Exhibit B for more ideas...

Yesterday I was innocently perusing Etsy for statement necklaces (as one is wont to do when she has a billion other things that should be done instead...ahem...) when I came across this lovely lady:

I thought it was such an interesting piece because you could play up the kind of 'animal claw' side of things and go a bit tough with it, or interpret it more as a laurel wreath/Greek piece and take it softer. And for $12 you really can't go wrong!

Since I haven't ever done a "One Item ___ Ways" post on jewelry, I thought this was an apt place to start, so I whipped up this moodboard:

One Item Three Ways: Gold Collar Necklace

Top: When you're feeling a little tough, throw this necklace on with a leather jacket, sexy leopard heels, a flowy top, and some pretty skinnies.

Middle: When you're feeling a little soft, add some lace and gold accents! This outfit makes me smile because of the subtle animal references--gold claw necklace, heels that remind me of butterflies, and a bracelet with reptilian touches.

Bottom: When you want to break out your inner boho, bust out those awesome printed trousers, pile on some fun earrings, and temper it all with shots of black in your top and heels.

Looks like I've found one more item to add to my imaginary shopping list for when I make a bazillion dollars. Although, this necklace is only $12, so maybe it'll find it's way to my house... ;)

PS: The gold bracelet and blank tank are from H&M, which just opened their online store! Go get some ladies and gents :)

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