Monday, 5 August 2013

H&M Goes Online! Plus a World Market stripe dhurrie review

This week I just found out that an old fashion stand-by, H&M, has finnnnnnaaaaaaallllly opened its online store in the US! This also includes their H&M Home branch.  Although most of their stuff looks like you bought it at H&M or Forever21, here are a few of my favorites:

H&M Home Goes Online!

That pink pillow comes in a million different colors. It's also available in other fabrics like velvet and canvas and is only $6! H&M's version of Ikea's Gurli?

If I lived alone and could do girly things like pink pillows in my living room, I might incorporate a few of those items like this:

H&M Pillows

On a related note, my World Market black and white stripe dhurrie arrived, and it's beautiful! I love it mucho mucho. It's exactly as pictured--a cotton dhurrie with black and off-white stripes. The lighter portion definitely is not white but rather a cream/natural cotton color, which I personally prefer because it hides dirt/puppy hair more easily than pure white. It seems really durable and is a great size for  my 3-seater sofa. I posted this on Instagram:

Don't mind the dog...or her toys.....or the curtains I plan to replace immediately. Feel free to love up on my sofa that will be getting slipcovered soon! ;)

...and my friend wasn't even sure it was the same living room! That's a testament to the power of rugs if I've ever heard one ;)

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