Thursday, 28 July 2011

Studio inspiration post 1 of (I'm sure) a million

Guys....signed the lease today. I'm ecssstaaaaatic and so excited to have my own place to work whatever wonders (or horrors) my little interior designing heart desires! The place is seriously small ( bedroom in my current place is larger than the whole living area in my future place) but I think with some creative storage solutions it will all work out. I've already started downsizing that stuff that you keep cuz you have space for it but don't necessarily use proud :)

Brace yourself, this is a mostly selfish post in which I basically write notes to myself of why these photos would inspire something I should do at my place. Sorrrriiiieeeeez! Maybe you'll get something out of it too?

Kitchen Area:
I have a tiny section of open shelving. I want to keep them simple, just my plain white dishes and other kitchen things that are pretty enough to see everyday, and put the rest of the stuff in pretty containers, mixing in artwork, etc.

Another great example.

My stove doesn't have a backsplash...which yes, I know are traditionally for sinks but I think that cooking stuff splatters lots and there's never a bad time to pretty up a plain area :)

Storage is limited so pens/pencils/etc can be stored in pretty tins to the fridge with magnets.

Kitchen cabinets are pretty plain. I think I could make them look a little more tailored by adding some pretty tape, like here (although this is probably paint)

Another example.

Between the kitchen and living area I want to put a dresser on legs. Serves as cooktop space (I'd probably get glass cut to protect the top) plus storage for all my art supplies and a visual separation between living and food prep areas.

Shoe rack can be revamped under the window by the bed...add an upholstered top and fabric to hide storage underneath.

Dining Area
I think I'll do a gallery wall-style collection of my artwork on the wall above my desk/kitchen table. I will likely reuse some shelving I already have, then build the gallery around that.

This is my favorite shot from the latest issue of Rue. I like the 3 long shelves.

Mirror in a small space = oldest trick in the book. My place gets a lot of light, but it's nice to bounce it around into the darker corner. Mounting art on a mirror keep it from looking like a funhouse.

Toying with the idea of putting up faux trim on the walls like so. I think it looks so ladylike and tailored.

I also am using my desk/kitchen table as a vanity, so I'll need to put up a mirror. I like how this mirror becomes part of the gallery wall.

Another way to make it less obvious that it's used to stencil it with a favorite poem or lyrics. Not all the way across, obviously...

The bathroom is pretty big, but I already anticipate running out of storage. This idea could keep my less-used toiletries within reach but out of sight to a degree.

I only have one closet, and I have lots of not-so-pretty stuff to hide, like suitcases and camping gear. I might have to fashion one of these dealios to hold my clothes and give up the closet for the uglies. Trying to decide if it's gross to put this in the bathroom?

The tile in the bathroom is yellow and black, so I'd like to make a graphic statement continued in the shower curtain. Plain fabric with black trim might do the trick.

Been dying to try this grey zebra technique out on a lampshade to give it a little subtle zip. This may be the place to do it :)

Might do something with the graphic on the door...tape or ribbon on curtains/Roman shades?

I love the tailored look of pelmets, and this one is cute because it incorporates a meaningful phrase....the dilemma is that my doors and windows all have really pretty molding. Maybe I could do it in the bathroom....hmmmm....

Picture the pelmet as a Roman shade: teal blue fabric with white ribbon and painted-on monogram. Pretty!

I looooove all the light that my new place gets, but I was there at 7 AM this morning and it was BRIGHT in there....aka I wouldn't get my beauty rest! So I'm trying to figure out a way to cover the windows at night and keep it bright and open during the day. Maybe a roman shade/curtain combo?

I like this photo frame/small bench setup and think it would work nicely by my front door to make a mini entranceway to drop my keys.

Another option is using a bookcase at the entry way.

If I used a bookcase I'd cover the bottom shelf with fabric like so to hide my shoes

Pretty trays will be crucial to keep clutter looking organized and intentional. Trays made of cookie trays may be a budget-friendly solution?

Gotta hang my headboard...All the Fish in the Sea just hung hers with a French Cleat Picture Hanger from Home Depot. Great idea!

Last but not least, I have a tonnnn of photos that I love and no place to store them....why not make it part of my decor?

Any small-space tips you guys have discovered? Please share!

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  1. Nice inspirations! For small spaces, storage is the most important so try to have as much vertical shelves everywhere! Also I love a higher bed so I slide storage boxes underneath for seasonal clothing, etc. Have pieces that are multi fuctional like a sofa bed, storage ottoman, bench seat with storage, etc.

    Can't wait to see what you will do with this place! I am so happy you finally get this place! :) Yay!