Friday, 15 July 2011

Wedding stuff (part 1)

No, no, I'm not getting married...but I can still admire inspiration from other peoples' lovely weddings, no? Turns out I've saved a lot of "future inspiration" images and want to clear my's part one: invitations, rings, dresses, hair.

Ok I know I will never ever ever be able to afford these invites....but they are just so so pretty.

Not exactly an invite but these dip-dye place cards are so carefree and beautiful

I guess I'm into watercolors lately?

Nice, simple, and graphic.

Love this loose, easy-going hair and the beautiful headband. All I know about this is it's labeled "untamed petals."

When I get married I want it to be fun, laid-back, and unfussy. I'd like a loose curly hairstyle like this one

Or maybe a little boho like Heidi's here

This is labeled "Renee" the silhouette
Labeled "Mystere" me a sweetheart neckline and those capped sleeves.

Gonna need me a dress I can get my groove on in, so this doesn't exactly fit the bill....but it's oh-so-beautiful. Labeled "Madeleine"

Decorating the inside of a dress? Genius!! I think I'm too self-centered to wear a dress like this though....on my special day I want the focus to be on me and my hubby, not the underside of my dress ;)

Look how much fun she's having on her special day! Maybe I would consider a shorter dress...I like tea-length a lot but never see any that really bowl me over

Blush-colored dress looks good on the skin....more traditional grandmas may disapprove that the bride didn't wear white tho ;)
If I were to go a traditional ring route, I'd do something with a slightly vintage vibe like this...
...but really I want a crazy nontraditional one like this:
I'd put a diamond in the center to make it a little more traditional....I actually have a ring similar in feel to this that I got in Chile and I wear it everyday and have yet to get sick of it, 3 years later. I just think it's so unique and beautiful! Plus it's representing a little home-state pride: it's from Knox Jewelers in Minneapolis, where they specialize in goooorgeous customized rings....check it out!!

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  1. I really enjoy your lovely wedding inspirations even though I already tied the knot :) Which girl/woman can resist beautiful wedding-related pictures? I really adore that fabulous wedding dress with the pretty pattern underneath, the short wedding dress and those gorgeous wedding rings.