Monday, 25 July 2011

Wedding stuff: Part 2

Finally getting around to posting the other half of the wedding stuff I've collected over time. Here's what I'd like the reception to look like....very nature/organic-y, flowers that look like watercolors....ideally I'd do the flowers myself and have a very hands-on role in my wedding. Very DIY, of course :)

Personally I'm anti-roses for a wedding...think it's pretty cliche...BUT I like this ombre look here

Colorful, poppy, with gold accents...think how pretty this would look at night! (also, how expensive it was....)

Love this idea to use chalkboard paint on wine bottles....could use the bottle as a vase and write the table number on it

Simple, easy to do, pretty blue accents...sold.

I think these are so cute and can be easily created with stuff on hand

multicolored vases with single stems...collect the vases at thrift stores for a cheap alternative

Little-known fact: I grew up on a farm, and have always loved the outdoors. I'd like to bring some 'outside in' for my wedding and think this would be a great way to do cheap! We just had trees fall down this summer and my dad owns multiple wood-cutting devices (chainsaws, hack saws, hand saws....)

I'm also really draw to a vintage/antique-y look, and these old wooden boxes fit that bill
Similar idea, but homemade and a little more rustic. I like the wildflower-looking arrangement too, very natural

How beautiful and easy is this? Wood + 1 1/2" circular bit + wood stain = this. I'm picturing little wood blocks with a single candle at each place...pretty mood lighting + an easy-enough party favor!

I'm also anti-hearts in a wedding (or on Valentine's day)...again, too cliche....but thought I'd share this cute idea in case someone doesn't share my same sentiments!

So many wedding locales have plain ugly event's a way to disguise that and work in your wedding colors too :) If you're afraid of color this could be pretty with an all-white table setting and just the flowers and ribbons to add a punch. Or they could be champagne/gold/lace/neutrals and be just as pretty!

Love the simplicity and 1920's flapper-feel of that middle one

More chalkboard paint inspiration. But I wouldn't really do this--you'd get chalk all over your guests' pretty clothes!

Raid your local liquor store for empties...strip the labels and presto! Instant vases!

More rustic/natural inspiration

What do you think? Can you picture all these images as one wildflowery rustic organic-inspired wedding? Do you love it? Hate it? Do tell :)

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