Wednesday, 3 August 2011

My house as of 7:30 this morning...

....was pretty much a mess. But it's myyyyy mess, allllll mine :)

So far? LOVING living on my own and I fall in love with my space a little more each day. I cleared out a lot of the extraneous moving stuff today so it looks even better now than in this suuuuper shitty phone pics....but here's a (blurry) idea of how it's shaping up!

All the key pieces are in, now I'm just trying to get rid of extra furniture and I need a dresser desperately, but that will all come in due time :)

Trying to decide if I should sell one of the blue chairs....They're the only real seating in the space cuz it's so tiny, but I don't know if 2 are overpowering. I'll probably live with them a bit and make my decision once it's obvious how I live in this space.

Desk-cum-vanity-cum-kitchen table is in place and working nicely :)

The boy was very tired this morning (poor guy got stuck helping me move all weekend) and was not happy to have his photo done did at 7:30 AM...haha.

So that's that!

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  1. Don't get rid of that beautiful velvet blue chair just yet. Maybe if two's too much in one space, you can keep one in the bedroom? You will probably miss it when you get a bigger place down the road.

    Two matching beautiful velvet chairs are hard to come by! I wish they were mine! :)