Friday, 22 July 2011

Belated Hump Day Dump Day

I didn't have a rough week, but it was a long one. Cheers to the weekend!

Love the sculptural quality of the lighting

Green tufted sofa. YES. Love pretty much everything in this room, incluuuuding those gorgeous windows!!

New obsession of the blog world: Dress My Room. Here's an exampleof a lovely lovely option. Too bad those bitchin pink chairs are from 1st Dibs...

Flights of Whimsy has an awesome bedroom. Especially that amaaaazing wooden screen!

I'm digging all these multicolored prints. Should be excessive but I think it works since the walls were kept white. That malachite dealio in the right corner is not too shabby either.

Already posted this. Still love it. Want my bf's place to look just like it.

I like how the pink in the dining room carries over to the pink wingback chairs. Also the console the TV is over. Also the daybed. Dislike: Stupid placement of the TV. If you gotta watch TV so bad during dinner that you have to strain your neck from the need family therapy.

Awesome color palette. I'm really into lavender lately?

Annnnother shot of Amber Lewis's dining room. Cuz I'm obsessed.

What are your favorites lovelies?

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