Thursday, 28 July 2011

I (think) I got a new place!!!!

Well ladies and gents (?), after a long long search I'm 99% sure I've got myself a cute new studio! 99% because I still have a few questions about the lease, but I'm sure it won't be a problem. I meet her in an hour to go over everything and get my keys! :)

Here are some crappy "before" photos I took on my phone...

This is the view from the front door. Doesn't look like much here but I promise it's cute in person!

Stepping into the room a little, here is my kitchen area. Just enough for me! I was sold once I saw the framing around the door and the nice cute!

Here's a view from the bathroom looking where I was just standing. Straight ahead is the closet, which is actually pretty nice for the age of the place. To the right is a window--the place gets great light! :)

Stepping into the main room a little's the entry door. I'm going to put to giant paintings I made on this wall.

View from the the window I showed you is on the left and the bathroom is straight forward. I'll put my desk against the wall on the right, with a gallery-style art collection. Since the space is small, my desk will function as my vanity, desk, and dining table. Phew!

Bathroom! To the left of the door is the sink and another window. Quick question: Is it gross to take the bathroom door off and replace it with a curtain? If I do that, I gain all the space behind the door where I could put another dresser/storage, but I'm concerned that maybe that's not very sanitary or....ahem....soundproof?

You can see a bit of the sink on the left, toilet on right, shower behind sink. There's a decent amount of space in the bathroom so I plan to put a dresser by that second window and make it a mini dressing room.

Shower is surprisingly big. I love the vintage yellow and black tile!

So there you go kids. My tiny little studio. It will be my first time living completely by myself and I'm so excited!

What do you think? Suggestions for how you'd start sprucing the space up?


  1. I have always wanted to live by myself but never had a chance but I am glad I can live vicariously through you, Meghan! :) Your new place is so cute and cozy but imagine all the decorating possibilities!

    I always start with a general layout I see fit. Then, I will look for a rug or a sofa with a paint color in mind. I usually don't plan every decorating details because unless you have all the funds in the world, you need to pick things that appeal to you in your budget! I always decorate as I go and keep my eyes peeled for everything!

    I am so excited for you! I can't wait to see how you decorate this place! Thanks for sharing the pictures, Meghan!


  2. All good points :) I really have all the furniture I need....actually the place is so tiny I'm selling some off! It's kind of like Tetris in can only fit so many ways! I do need a good rug....that's the next step :)