Thursday, 7 July 2011

Small space inspiration

The past few of days I've been searching for a studio in my price range. Apparently this translates to "tiny," "cramped," and "shouldn't be legal to rent out." One place seriously gave out rapisty-murder vibes...basement, one tiny window, all the drawers hanging out, and the tiny bed area slanted so severely you'd have to be a munchkin not to slam your head on the 'ceiling' every time you got out of bed.

Anyway. So the moral of the story is (not only that I'm pathetically broke and can't afford anything that wasn't formerly rented by Ted Bundy) that I may have to figure out crrrrazy small-space solutions. Like such:

A lot of the kitchen are seriously lacking in storage space. So you might have to make your 'storage' visible, and I suggest doing so like they did above, with pretty tins and glass containers.

Another idea for visible storage space: line the back of boxes with pretty paper or paint, and mount to a wall. It's like art!

An entry console would be useful in some of the spaces, and I think this one looks easy to make. Even better, you could put baskets underneath to store odds and ends

I know this is making the round in the blogosphere but that's cuz it's so great. Cheerful, small-space solution to dining. The couch-as-seating idea is especially great if you can fold down the table or put it elsewhere during the day, and the chairs become livingroom seating in that case.

Another beautiful example of making your 'storage' area pretty. I believe there's no reason for a kitchen to be separate asthetically from the rest of the house, and a good way to incorporate it into the rest of the house is via art and other personal momentos.

One of my favorite tricks: 2 small tables instead of one big coffee table...easily movable and less space-filling visually

Lately you can't mention 'studio apartments' without mentioning this jewel from Nick Olsen...I love the green painted door trim that matches the couch trim, and the similar-style chairs with coordinating fabrics.

Here's the other side of this place.....I like the desk-at-end-of-bed idea for saving space. Many people disagree with putting a headboard in front of windows as it blocks light but I think it really jazzes up the room, especially with how it ties in to that DIY dresser paint job. Love it!

Here, several great small spaces combine in one: dresser instead of a less-functional TV stand, cabinets flanking the dresser for added storage, and by layering the artwork, vases, and TV, the TV is less obvious and blends in to the decor more gracefully. I'd take everything here gladly :)

Another great bookcase a small dining space, double up function by flanking the table with a couch/pillow for reading all the books in the surrounding bookshelves

This gallery wall really makes the bed the focus here

Tiny coffee table saves space but gets the job done.

From my favorite Sneak Peek of all time. Another space-saving idea, and cheap too: just use a thin piece of plywood, add some legs (leftover scraps work!), cover in fabric, add accessories. Would make a great small-space entryway table.

Placement of furniture is great here. The bench at the end of the bed is pretty, but it also functions as extra seating when need be.

I have all this furniture...couch, 2 chairs, small table, coffee table, bench. Bam. Living room.

Another example of studio living done right. Bench at the end of the bed provides seating, and there's room for a couch, chair, and desk in this floorplan.

You don't need much in a small space, so what you have should be stylish, multipurpose, and cost-effective (aka if you only have 4-5 pieces of furniture in your home, make sure they're high quality and unique).

What are your favorite small-space tips and tricks?

Any more tips from small-space dwellers out there?

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