Sunday, 10 July 2011

Another great new blog :)

Found another beautiful blog! All images below from Pink sure to check it out!
I like this little gallery wall

Picture this shelf-over-window idea with a collection of multicolored glass vases

Love the chic black/white/brass combo

Cool painting technique on that dresser

Ohhhhh Domino, how I miss thee. Great geometric print without looking too busy

Looooove this casual, comfortable combo....I want a ruffle skirt ASAP!

Everything pops so well against the chocolate brown

Easy DIY garland....could be a good way to put all my paint chips to use!

Looooove that blue color, especially against the fuschia and white

In a small entryway, this tension rod/window valance combo makes storing shoes look classy, not cluttered

I like the horizontal gallery-style wall....makes a small space look longer.

So what do you think? You ready to scope Pink Wallpaper archives like I have??

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