Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Hump Day Dump Day

Ahhh yes, it's here again. Hump Day Dump Day, the day in which I dump all the pretty things I've been pondering into one big ol' blog post and then I go hump my boyfriend in celebration of my hard work. Just kidding. But really, here are a bunch of pretty pretty things:

I think this room is so interesting. It has just enough trendy things to keep it current, but the basis is classic so a whole-room makeover won't ever be necessary

Nick Olsen's little apartment is so so great. Pretty sure I've posted on my love of this couch before (and likewise my hatred of foo dogs and that awwwwwwful tacky coffee table), but I also like the green color ("oregano") on the walls and the wallpapered fridge in the background.

From Trad Home. Finally checked that mag out....less than impressed. All the interiors seemed cold and over-designed, and I wondered what soulless person lived there with his/her maids as the only companions. However, I find this one lovely :)

Such a fun little sun room. Great window treatments. Pretty sure this is Amanda Nisbet?

Amber Interior Design delivers up more goodness. I like the scale of the map against the print of the chairs. And I believe that a light light pink wall does wonders for anyone's complexion

Emily Henderson came up with this yumminess. I have a chest like the one at the end of the bed that I spent houuuuuurrrrrrs painstakingly refinishing....then decided not to bring it to SLC with me when it moved. MISTAKE, I now see. This room is gorgeous because of the varying textures...I'd love for my boyfriend's room to look like this.

Blue couches, they get me every time. Nice use of the CB2 table in a small space too. Stupidly overloaded on the pillow quotient rule is if you're afraid to touch something cuz you'll mess up the 'look' then it's not right for the space.

Cheerful little corner of Fabulous K's livingroom. I'm even willing to overlook that awful Lack side table because everything else is so great. (side rant: I know that piece is only $7 and thus a "steal" but I bet you could go to any local thrift store and find another $7 end table with a lot more personality. Or at least hack it so it's not so obvious it's $7. Sheesh.)

All you need to sell me on a tablescape: Map, dresser/credenza of some sort, and a bar area. Yummy vintageness.

I think this little bathroom is so cheerful and great use of space.

Soooo what're your thoughts today? do you love these images as much as I do? Are you an Ikea Lack fan and now I've lost my entire 7-person fan base? Do tell :)

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  1. I definitely agree with you on everything! I thought the blue turfed sofa looked fabulous and the pink table tacky as well! Yup, I hate foo dogs too, I don't understand what the fuss about them anyway! As for the Lack table, I know they are inexpensive, but for a simple piece like this with zero beauty and personality, I am prepared to fork out more money to get a better looking side table. I guess we have a similar taste in decor for most part! The previous turfed green couch is a great example! :)