Thursday, 7 July 2011


Another installment of cool things I wish I'd thought of first:

Fabric-wrapped mirror

Silver-leaf table by Urban Outfitters....seems like it could be an easy DIY?

Beeeeautiful color palette

I wanna make this into curtains. NOW.

Felt + glue = pillow goodness

I'm a sucker for 2 small tables in place of a larger coffee table

Pelmet goodness with a favorite quote

Amber Interior Design pulled together this boho/modern yumminess....I'd amp up the colors but love the prints used

These Windsor chairs are pretty much the most common thing on C''s a way to make them fun and chic

I want this lamp. But it's like $600. Pppppainttttt ittttt!

Two paint-chip ideas, since I'm forever collecting my favorite colors and do nothing with them:

This guy is just fun.

Yep. Cute.

Now get on it kiddos!

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