Thursday, 20 October 2011

Wish List

Every year around December 1st I remember that I have a ton of gifts I need to buy. This year I'm trying to be very proactive and get it done asap! As I'm searching for gifts for others, of course I'm coming up with a list for myself :) Posting this early since I assume I'll keep adding and detracting from it the closer I get to the holidays. In no particular order except for #1-3:

9) A good pair of hiking shoes. I bought my current pair in Chile 4 years ago and they've seen better days! I've only viewed the one I linked to online so I don't know if I'd actually like them--hiking shoes are something you really need to try on in-store to determine if you like them. So maybe a giftcard to REI would be better?

8) White silk blouse. One with this outline: bowtie, loose and comfy fit, billowy sleeves

7) Domino: The book of Decorating by Deborah Needleman

5) The Perfectly Imperfect Home, Deborah Needleman

4) A big ol' star chart for my studio. This one's 44"!

3) This calendar by Michelle Armas...if I can't have a custom painting, this is the next best thing :)

2) Finish Grandmas' quilt: my dad's mom used to quilt a lot and when she stopped, she had a beautiful semi-complete dusky purple quilt that I snagged. I want it finished off so I can use it!

1) This bag by Tippy Tai on Etsy. Fully customizable, I want mine with a zipper closure and to be black with deep plum accents and an apple green interior. Her feedback of 4,871 people is 100% positive, everyone says the bags are well-made and ship super fast! Since I've been looking for a new laptop bag for about a year I think this tops my list :) I think this one and this one are really cute too if I were love the first bag so much that I bought more haha.

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