Friday, 7 October 2011

Adore Home NY edition: Amazing

Loved the latest issue of Adore Home. Here are a couple of my favorite spaces, click here to check the rest out for yourself!

If my house were a magazine spread I'd love it to look a little something like this.

I'm obssssssesssssssed with that wall color!!! Benjamin Moore North Sea pretty. Love the pops of magenta and gold too....I wonder if I could get the Boy in on this color whenever we move in together? I think it could easily go masculine with dark woods and chocolatey browns

So much to love in this pic. First up the black/white/gold color scheme, I'm also obsessed with that mirror and have been trying to figure out how to DIY it for months, oh and the designs on the back of the chairs plus the banquet and the gold Docksta base and the moody gray paint and....get the picture? I think there are so many great DIY ideas in this pic alone!

Another black and white space, this one from Nichole at the Parlour Home blog. Love the table, dramatic curtains, the refurbished buffet, eclectic gallery wall, grey-dipped chair legs, and (although you can't see it here) the fancy gold frame painted with the company logo to look like a chalkboard.

What were your favorites from this issue?

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